sábado, 19 de diciembre de 2009

Orion - The Atlantean

Orion the Atlantean is a mexican comic book series created by Modesto Vazquez and tells the adventures of the last warrior of the lost continent in his efforts to create a New Atlantis. His mission consists in collecting the seven Keys of Wisdom charged with all the knowledge of the atlantean scientists; these keys are lost in time, and Orion must travel through different eras on board of his ship Chronos-7 to collect them.

The story starts thousands of years ago when Atlantis sunk, and Orion's travels take him to mysterious lands, where he finds brave allies and terrible enemies. Orion the Atlantean lasted 144 issues and sold an average of 250.000 copies per week during its three-year run. Due to the paper crisis lived in Mexico during the early 80s, it wasn't possible to continue with the series and it abruptly ended during the rescue of the fourth key. Mr. Modesto Vazquez has provided this ad in English for your enjoyment.

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